Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hokkien pronunciation & Amoy Romanized Bible

The following 2 websites recommended by Wilson in his email dated 12 Mar 09:

I) Attached this link which we could listen to romanised hokkien pronunciation

http://iug.csie. tw/iug/Ungian/ soannteng/ chil/Taihoa. asp

1. Click the 羅馬字無聲調 and

2. Key in the romanised word and click 看结果 'see result' thereafter you may listen to the pronunciation of Hokkien wording.

II) For those without the Sin-kū-iok ê Sèng-keng (Amoy Romanized Bible).

We could do the translation from this link

http://bible. read.php? chineses= %E7%B4%84&chap=4

and click both these :

紅皮聖經全羅 紅皮聖經漢羅

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  1. Thank you Pastor Chua for posting these resources. Please continue to add new stuff and links.